Spare Parts

Turbochargers NR/S

  • Turbocharger with radial turbine
  • Rotor running in inboard bearings
  • Turbocharger lubrication by engine lubrication circuit
  • All stator parts free of water cooling
  • Inlet and outlet turbine casing provided with effective thermal insulation
  • Designed for heavy fuel operation
  • Pressure ratio up to 4,5

Turbocharger NR/S

Engine output per turbocharger NR/S

Engine output per turbocharger NR/S

Turbocharger applications

Engine typeOutput, kWSpeed, min-1Turbocharger type
SKL Motor GmbH
6 VDS 29/24*13501000NR20/S
8 VDS 29/24*18001000NR20/S
GE Jenbacher AG, Austria
J 620E0132801500NR 20/SJ
J 612E20551500NR 17/SJ
J 616E27401500NR 17/SJ
TBG632V16  NR 20/SR
8L20C  NR 20/S
6ASL25  NR 20/S

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