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Retrofit for SKL engines

Retrofit for Russkij Diesel engine 6 CHN 40/46 (Pielstick PC2,5)

Important information for Ordering

To give fast and accurate response to Your request we need the following information:

for engine
  • Manufacturer
  • Type designation
  • Bore (mm)
  • Stroke (mm)
  • Number of cylinders
  • Number of turbo - blowers on engine
  • Number of admission sections to turbine
  • Engine rated power (kW)
  • Engine rated speed (min-1)
  • Compression ratio
  • Max. combustion pressures (at 110% rated power) (Pa)
  • Effective values of atmospheric pressure at which engine rated power is ensured
  • Barometric pressure (Pa)
  • Relative humidity of air (%)
  • Barometric temperature (oC)
  • Max. temperature of combustion products at the turbine inlet(oC)
  • Kind of engine fuel, fuel efficiency
  • Application of engine: stationary, ship engine, railway engine, vehicle engine
  • 2-stroke engine, 4-stroke engine
  • Specific fuel consumption at engine rated power
for turbocharger
  • Original turbocharger type
  • Total air temperature at inlet to compressor(oC)
  • Total air pressure at inlet to compressor taking into account total pressure drop in supply piping (Pa)
  • Mass flow of charging air (kgh-1)
  • Total relative compression by compressor
  • Total pressure of combustion on products at the inlet to turbine (Pa)
  • Total temperature of combustion products at the inlet to turbine (oC)
  • Static pressure of combustion products at the outlet from turbine (Pa)

Additional information