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Trimat GBC Brake Lining

Technical Specification Sheet

Trimat Trimat GBC is a semi-flexible asbestos-free brake lining, manufactured from a solid woven fabric of both natural and man-made yarns , with a brass wire inclusion which helps to stabilise the frictiom value by conducting from the operating surface.

When the woven fabric is impregnated with the specially developed synthetic resin it produces a high friction material with excellent stability and high resistance to wear.

Both surfaces can be supplied ground, making it suitable for bonding and riveting to either internal or external contracting braking systems.


This material can be supplied for use on oil immersed applications, although the friction value will be much lower than shown on the friction/temperature graph which is based on dry conditions.

A most efficient general purpose brake lining suitable for use on most applications, including winches, cranes, earth-moving and agricultural equipment, forging machinary and many others. Because of its versatility it is of course an ideal quality to stock.

Technical Details (mean values)

Ultimate Tensile Strength 4865 psi (340 kg/cm2)
Ultimate Shear Strength 2195 psi (155 kg/cm2)
Ultimate Compressive Strength 19480 psi (1370 kg/cm2)
Rivet Holding Capacity 14500 psi (1020 kg/cm2)
Specific Gravity 1,24

Recommended Operating Temperature

Maximum Intermittent Temperature 230o Centigrade
Maximum Continuous Temperature 150o Centigrade

Recommended Mating Surfaces

Close grained cast iron. Forged or cold rolled steel should be 180 Brinnell or over.

Drilling Details

High speed drills are quite acceptable at the following speeds:
Upto ½“ diameter 850revs/min with feed rate 0.005“/rev.
Over ½“ diameter the revs/min should be reduced accordingly.
for example:
At 5/8“ diameter600 revs/min the feed rate 0.005“/rev.


Supplied in roll form, cut and shaped linings.
Nominal Roll Lengths of 10 metres (33ft)
Thicknesses from 5mm (3/16") up to 32mm (1 1/4")
Width up to 510mm (20")