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Trimat MN 1046 Brake Lining

Material Description:

Trimat MN1046 is a rigid fully moulded non-metallic non-asbestos material based on random dispersion of organic and inorganic fibres together with friction modifiers in a matrix of a special phenolic resin.

It has a medium friction characteristic and was developed specifically to have a balanced range of properties when considering such features as fade resistance, speed and pressure consciousness, kindness to ferrous mating surfaces and wear resistance.

A very versatile material suitable for most Industrial Clutch and Brake applications requiring a non-asbestos type lining, including Power Presses for both Forging and Sheet Metal, Earth-Moving Equipment, Machine Tools etc. The material is suitable for Gear-cutting.

Technical Details:

Property Typical Values
Coefficient of Friction (dynamic) 0.35
Wear Rate 50 mm3/MJ (0.0082 in3/
Specific Gravity 1.95
Shore D Hardness (as supplied) 82 R Scale
Ultimate Tensile Strength (cured) 28.0 N/mm2 (4060 psi)
Ultimate Shear Strength (cured) 24.5 N/mm2 (3553 psi)
Ultimate Compressive Strength (cured) 150 N/mm2 (21750 psi)
Recommended Operating Range:
Maximum Intermittent Temperature 400oC (750oF)
Maximum Continuous Temperature 300oC (570oF)
Pressure 0.07-2.0 N/mm2 (10-290 psi)
Maximum Rubbing Speed 25m/s (5000 ft/min)
Maximum Rubbing Speed 25m/s (5000 ft/min)
Recommended Mating Surfaces:
Close grained cast iron, forged or cold rolled steel should be 180 Brinnell or over.
Available Sizes:
Standard Sheet Sizes: 500mm (20") x 500mm (20") 762mm (30") x 762mm (30")
Thickness: 3.0mm (1/8") to 38.0mm (1 1/2") 3.0mm (1/8") to 19.0mm (3/4")

Also available in rings and special shapes