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Trimat MR 8728 Brake Lining

Technical Specification Sheet

Trimat MR 8728 is, a fully cured, flexible, non-asbestos, non-metallic friction material compounded with synthetic rubber.


Trimat MR 8728 is suitable for industrial applications where a medium co-efficient of friction is required. Due to the flexibility of the materials it is possible to offset any differences on radius.

The material is in a fully cured condition and is suitable for both bonding and rivetting.

Technical Details (mean values)

Density = 2.1 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
@ 20oC = 50 daN/cm2
@ 250oC = 10daN/cm2
Shear Strength @ 20oC = 180daN/cm2
Compressive Strength @ 20oC = 600daN/cm2
Ball Indentation Hardness @ Ø5mm,30s = 16daN/cm2
Thermal Conductivity @ 95oC = 0.87 W/mK
Specific Thermal Capacity @ 20oC = 1,03kJ/kg K

Recommended Operating Temperature

Maximum Intermittent Temperature 350o Centigrade
Maximum Continuous Temperature 250o Centigrade

Recommended Mating Surfaces

Close grained cast iron, forged or cold rolled steel should be 180 Brinnell or over.

Drilling Details

High speed drills are quite acceptable at the following speeds:
Upto 12mm diameter 850revs/min with feed rate 0.1mm/rev.
Over 12mm diameterthe revs/min should be reduced accordingly.
for example:
At 15mm diameter600 revs/min the feed rate 0.1mm/rev.


Supplied in roll form, cut and shaped linings.
Nominal Roll Lengths
of 7.5 metres up to 8mm thick
and 5.0 metres up to 12mm
Thicknesses from 3mm up to 12mm
Width up to 200mm